A Comprehensive Line of Aligner Supplies

Take your Aligner Case Treatment to the Next Level with High-Quality Attachments, IPR, Patient-Care and More

Aligner supplies

Supplies for Each Stage of Aligner Treatment

Composite Buttons for Aligners
Attachments & Elastics

Fewer attachments are necessary for tooth movement with today’s advanced aligners such as the Reveal® Clear Aligner system.

Some tooth movements, however, can’t be achieved without the use of attachments. Here are links to our complete aesthetic attachment offering and elastics, ideal for use with any aligner system.

QwikStrip IPR
Interproximal Reduction

Ortho Technology offers multiple options for IPR, from manual reduction to automatic burs for practice preference. Here is a list of our most popular IPR Products for treating Aligner cases.

Patient Care and Retention

Nothing matters more than patient compliance, health, and comfort when going through aligner treatment. The following products are designed to help ensure your aligner patients stay on track and maintain their healthy results.

Are Your Patients Asking for Clearer Aligners?

Reveal Clear Choice

Visit Reveal Clear Aligners by Henry Schein Orthodontics and discover one of the most aesthetic aligner systems available!

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