Author - Leslie Caroleo

ULTRA-GAURD Can Help Prevent Injuries

How ULTRA-GUARD Can Help Prevent Injuries The moment the first fall leaf hits the ground, Americans all over the country start preparing themselves for something they have waited for since February. They load up their grills with juicy and delicious burgers and brats, they brush the dust off of their favorite jersey, and they plant themselves in front of the TV to spend hours yelling, cheering, or jumping up and down while watching some of the most action-packed competitions known [...]


Great Products, Even Better People

A Word From Dr. Gerry Perret Dr. Gerry Perret has been a client of Ortho Technology basically since our company’s inception. Over the years, the Tampa-based clinician hasn’t just ordered our products, he’s designed and invented several of his own! So, this month, we got in touch with Dr. Perret to get his perspective on his experience with Ortho Tech! Ortho Technology started about the same year as my practice, in the early 1990s. In that time, I’ve had the pleasure [...]


From Humble Beginnings

How We Remain True to Our Roots Believe it or not, our company started in our founder’s garage over 25 years ago as a one-man operation. Our team and our facilities have grown a lot since then, allowing us to ship to over 90 countries! But at our core, Ortho Technology remains committed to the idea that made us successful from the start: creating value in every smile. We’ve learned that conventional standbys like large outside sales forces with fleets of [...]


Lotus Plus DS Is Raising the Bar

Lotus Plus DS Is Raising the Bar In today’s fast-paced world, patients want options that afford them comfort and mean less time in the chair. It’s no wonder self-ligating (SL) braces have become more and more popular in recent years; they offer flexibility to both you and your patients. But it’s important to note that not all bracket systems are created equal. Standard chromium cobalt C-clips are prone to deformation, and brackets with rigid doors can cause archwire nicking, leading [...]