Exchange Program


header2_exchangeProgramHere’s your opportunity to empty that drawer of useless, antiquated inventory for new innovative products. There’s no limit as to how much you can exchange! However, your practice can only do a total of 2 exchanges, so use them wisely.

Program Details

Products purchased under the Ortho Technology Exchange Program are not eligible for quantity discounts or bonus rewards, and therefore are sold at full retail price. Products being sent in for the Ortho Technology Exchange Program cannot be from our product line. *Buccal Tubes, Bands, and Brackets have a minimum purchase of twice the amount being exchanged. Instruments require a purchase of at least three times the amount being exchanged. There is no limit to the amount of product you wish to exchange in a single order. A practice is however, limited to 2 exchanges. Your old appliances/product must be received at Ortho Technology within 30 days. Credit will not be issued until exchanged product is received at Ortho Technology.


Purchase 500 Votion™
Brackets: $1,595.00
250 Brackets (Credit 250 @ $3.19) $797.50
or $1.60/ bracket
Purchase 300 TruFit™
2.0 Buccal Tubes: $1,584.00
150 Bands/Buccal Tubes (Credit 150 @ $5.28) $792.00 or
$2.64/ buccal tube
Purchase 12
X7™ Instruments: $1631.40
4 Pliers/Cutters (Credit 4 @ $135.95) $1,087.60 or
$90.63/ instrument

Here’s How It Works:

1.  Call us with a quantity and type of product you would like to send in

2.  Place your order for new product to be exchanged*

3.  Return the signed form via fax/email for a credit on your order

Your Sales Representative will send an Ortho Technology Exchange Program form and UPS shipping label to send your product to us.

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