GAC Resources

GAC Resources

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GAC Dentsply to Ortho Technology Alternatives


  • In-Ovation® X and In-Ovation® R SLB
  • In-Ovation® X and In-Ovation® R SLB
  • In-Ovation® C Aesthetic SLB
  • OmniArch® PLUS Traditional Bracket
  • Ovation® C Aesthetic Ceramic Bracket
  • Elation™ MB SS Lined Ceramic Bracket

Bands & Tubes

  • Snap-Fit Molar Bands
  • GAC Buccal Tubes

Bite Corrector

  • BioBite Corrector MS


  • Sentalloy® & Neo Sentalloy® Nickel Titanium Wires
  • BioForce® PLUS Nickel Titanium Wires
  • Copperloy® Nickel Titanium Wires
  • Resolve® Beta Titanium Wires
  • Wires - With IonGuard®
  • Stainless Steel Wires


  • Infinitas™ Mini Implant System


  • Elastics Around the World® Intraoral Elastics
  • Sunburst™ Elastomeric Chains
  • Sani-Tie® Elastomeric Ligature Ties & Mini Ties

Impression Supplies

  • imprESSIX® Extra Fast Set Alginate
  • OrthoChrome™ Hydrocolloid Alginate
  • Color-Coded Impression Trays


  • Flexview Interproximal Strips
  • IPR Gauge Set
  • ARS Diamond Bur

Patient Care

  • Patient Relief Wax In Scented And Unscented
  • Breathable Sports Mouthguards
  • Retainer Retrievers
  • Chewies™ Aligner Tray Series
  • Retainer Cases


  • Orthomat™ X-Ray Film
  • Cephalometric Tracing Paper


  • GAC Cutters and Pliers


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Video Resources

In-Ovation® R Comparison
In this video, we compare one of the industry’s most popular active orthodontic brackets with our most advanced bracket in self-ligation, Lotus Plus DS Interactive version.
Learn More about Lotus Plus DS

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GAC-Alternative Product Resources:

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Conversion Charts

These GAC Item Number charts help you identify the exact Ortho Technology replacement, so you can ensure you’re ordering an accurate equivalent.

OmniArch Plus Item Number
Conversion Chart to Votion

In-Ovation R Item Number Conversion Chart
to Lotus PLUS DS

GAC Elastics Item Number Conversion Chart to OT Creatures of the Sea Elastics

GAC Archwire Item Number Conversion Charts

GAC OmniArch Vertical Slot Item Number Conversion Charts

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