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Instructions for Use

• Redi-Lock Impression Trays
IFU D-00963 REV-0_English

• Reusable Instruments
D-00958 REV-0 – OT Reusable Instruments – IFU

• Intraoral & Extraoral Latex & Non-Latex Elastics
D-00959 REV-0 – Intraoral & Extraoral Latex & Non-Latex Elastics – IFU

• Ties & Chain Non-Latex Elastomerics
D-00964 REV-1 – OT Ties & Chain Non-Latex Elastomerics – IFU

• Orthodontic Wire
D-00965 REV-0 – OT Orthodontic Wire – IFU

• Orthodontic Composite Auxiliaries
D-00971 REV-0 – OT Orthodontic Composite Auxiliaries – IFU

• DuraLock® Plus ™
IFU D-00957 REV-0_French

• Orthodontic Archwire
IFU D-00965 REV-0_French

• Orthodontic Archwire Auxiliaries
IFU D-00972 REV-0_French

• Orthodontic Buccal Tubes
IFU D-00974 REV-0_French


• Orthodontic Metal Brackets
IFU D-00979 REV-0_French

• Ready-Lock Impression Trays
IFU D-00963 REV-0_French

• Patient Relief Wax
IFU D-00962 REV-0_French

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