Lotus Plus DS Is Raising the Bar

Lotus Plus DS with Typodont
Lotus Plus DS SPKs

Lotus Plus DS Is Raising the Bar

In today’s fast-paced world, patients want options that afford them comfort and mean less time in the chair. It’s no wonder self-ligating (SL) braces have become more and more popular in recent years; they offer flexibility to both you and your patients. But it’s important to note that not all bracket systems are created equal. Standard chromium cobalt C-clips are prone to deformation, and brackets with rigid doors can cause archwire nicking, leading to treatment complications and unhappy customers. The Lotus Plus Dual System DS circumvents these shortcomings through superior materials and innovative design.


As one of the few self-ligating brackets to use thermal nickel titanium clips or doors, Lotus Plus DS is extremely durable while maintaining a discreet, comfortable profile. In fact, Lotus Plus DS brackets look more akin to regular twin brackets, not their bulkier competitors. But make no mistake, this is a fully functional SL system.


The real strength of Lotus Plus DS comes from its unique passive and interactive clips. Both versions of Lotus Plus DS use flexible yet resilient tabs designed to reduce friction and withstand repeated openings. The interactive clip is designed for earlier archwire engagement and is resistant to deformation unlike standard C-clips. The passive version features a flat door with separate tabs for reduced archwire
nicking and improved rotational control. Whether you’re using an interactive, passive, or hybrid system, the result is a headache-free experience for you and your patients.


With compound contoured tooth-specific bases and mushroom-shaped pylons, Lotus Plus DS provides a fast, accurate fit. You can easily position these brackets with a Hollenback instrument thanks to the design’s deep V-channel. The clips themselves can be opened and closed with a low amount of force, enhancing patient comfort. No special instruments are required.

All in all, Lotus Plus DS is a unique SL system that successfully mitigates the drawbacks found in other models. We’re proud to carry such an innovative product that is saving doctors time and delivering a comfortable experience to patients.

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