Pinnacle Bracket System

Pinnacle Stainless Steel Bracket System
Pinnacle Bracket

Pinnacle Bracket System

One-Piece Manufacturing

Pinnacle revolutionizes the original Marquis™ design, and provides increased efficiencies and productivity for doctors demanding the strength and consistency of a one-piece bracket.

Pinnacle’s marked improvements stem from its manufacturing process. Through Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology, more intricate contours and structures are achieved for reduced friction, optimum patient comfort, and enhanced visual placement marks. A specialized finishing process gives Pinnacle a high-shine surface and qualifies it as one of the most updated true twin-wing brackets in the industry.

Available in Ortho Technology’s Version of the Following Prescriptions:

Roth Prescription*

Pinnacle Roth Individual Brackets – 10 Pk

Roth Prescription*

Pinnacle Roth Single Patient Kits 5×5

McLaughlin, Bennett & Trevisi Prescription*

Pinnacle MBT Individual Brackets – 10 Pk

McLaughlin, Bennett & Trevisi Prescription*

Pinnacle MBT Single Patient Kits 5×5

Pinnacle Features and Benefits

Low Profile – Smooth Facial Contours for increased patient comfort

Cross Scribe Lines – With a patented, raised horizontal line on the bracket base for enhanced visibility and placement accuracy

Anti-Rotation – Built into the Slot in Ortho Technology’s version of the Roth Prescription

Rounded Archwire Slot Contours – Mesial and distal slot entry points are rounded to for enhanced sliding mechanics

Micro-Etched Pylon Base Design – Featuring angled pylons with increased surface area for superior retention and bond strength

Pinnacle Color Coded ID System

Pinnacle Roth ID Chart
Pinnacle Single Patient Kit
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