QwikStrip Serrated and Abrasive Strips

Qwikstrip Interproximal Reduction

Quick, Safe, and Easy to Use

Few moments in orthodontics are more lip biting than interproximal reductions and cleanings. One slip, and you might cut yourself or your patient – and they probably won’t be giving you a referral after that. That’s why we’re proud to offer the safe, innovative QwikStrip Serrated and Abrasive Strips.

These colorful tools were designed with doctors and patients in mind. QwikStrip’s unique grip allows for confident, single-hand use. This gives doctors far better tactile control, even when working in spaces other instruments can’t reach. Beyond this superior ergonomic control, strips come in single-sided, double-sided, curved, and serrated models. No matter your specific needs or strip preferences, you’ll find the right QwikStrip for the job.

Best of all is the safety inherent in QwikStrip’s design. The strips are firmly embedded within the grip, and have a depth-limiting design to help shield both your hands and the patient’s lips and gums from any accidental incisions. Reducing this fear of harm makes for faster, easier, and more accurate interproximal work – meaning less chair time for patients and less risk for you.

So, regardless of which aligner system you’re using in your practice, QwikStrips should be readily on your tray. With a simple, color-coded system, you’ll know you’re reaching for the right strip every time. Your sales representative can ensure you never have to worry about running out of these extremely handy tools.

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