GoTo® Adhesive Paste in Push Syringe



4gm GoTo® Adhesive Paste in Push Syringe

Now Fluoresces Under Black Light for Complete Cleanup!

GoTo® is a light cure adhesive with superior handling properties. It does not allow bracket flotation once placed on the tooth or during flash removal. A fraction of the retail cost of leading, competitive light cure pastes!


  • Unique viscosity easily penetrates bracket pads
  • No bracket drift – stays in place until cured
  • New proprietary microfiller construction
  • One piece flash removal – “ropes” off bracket periphery
  • Translucent finish matches any tooth shade
  • Maximum bond strength
  • Easy removal and cleanup
  • UV disclosing agent – fluoresces on tooth

Clinical Applications

  • Bracket and tube bonding
  • Fixed lingual retainer bonding
  • Bonds all metal, ceramic and composite attachments
  • Aligner attachments

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