Resilience LC Low Viscosity Flowable Composite Syringe Kit

Resilience LC Low Viscosity Flowable Composite Syringe Kit



Resilience Low Viscosity Light-Cure Flowable Composite adhesive features a precision controlled syringe which prevents overflow and run-on. It ensures accuracy as it flows easily into difficult areas, but is reliable not to slump or run until light curing occurs. The disposable tip provides precise application, accessibility, and control resulting in excellent aesthetics. It is dependable, strong, and more resistant to shock and stress. It can be used in many ways such as bonding lingual retainers, Invisalign® attachments, occlusal build-ups for opening a posterior bite, indirect bonding, and much more! Contains fluoride to help protect against potential decalcification.


  • 1x 1.6gm Syringe Green Etchant
  • 3x 2gm Flowable Composite Syringes
  • 1x 3mL Light Cure Enamel Bonding Sealant Resin Bottle
  • 25x Flowthru™ 22 Gauge Syringe Tips
  • 10x 2 1/2″ Bonding Brushes
  • Instructions



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