Light-Activated Capsule Kit 40x .35gm capsules

Light-Activated Capsule Kit 40x .35gm capsules


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Provides the optimum properties for bonding ceramic, metal, or plastic brackets using light-cure technology. The smooth, tacky composite resin delivers ideal handling characteristics which eliminate bracket flotation and allow for easy flash clean up. Light activation provides additional working time to ensure accurate bracket placement. Produces a strong light cured chemical bond which also debonds easily. Archwires can be placed immediately after fully curing the brackets. Contains fluoride to help protect against potential decalcification.


  • 40x .35 gm capsules
  • 1x 7 mL sealant resin
  • 1x 9 gm green liquid etchant
  • 1x 50 sheet mixing pad (2 3/8″ x 2 3/8″)
  • 50x 2″ brushes


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