Debonding Burs Intro Kit – High Speed



Our Debonding Kit contains an excellent selection of finishing carbides to remove bonding adhesive after bracket removal. Our 12 fluted friction grip finishing carbides will not cut or gouge the enamel during debonding. These burs quickly remove bonding material and leave behind a smooth clean finish. The long tapered carbides are for facial and buccal surfaces and the football carbide is for lingual surfaces. The diamond impregnated polishing point quickly puts a high shine and glossy finish on the tooth leaving the patient happy and the referring dentist impressed. This kit comes complete with 8 burs in a black custom etched alumimum bur block with each bur clearly labeled for simplified reorders.

2x 12 fluted long taper
2x 12 fluted long flame
2x 12 fluted football
2x high shine enamel polisher (W16F)
bur block

Dry heat sterilizable up to 340°F/170°C or autoclavable up to 250°F/121°C

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