Acrylic Polishers

Acrylic Polishers


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  • Ideal for chairside finishing & polishing of acrylic appliances
  • Particularly helpful for chairside adjustments
  • Made of a resilient silicone
  • Dry heat sterilizable up to 340°F/170°C or autoclavable up to 250°F/121°C
  • Max. RPM 10,000
  • 24.0 mm head length
  • 6 per pack

Note: Assorted Pack (Item #: GLOSS-ASST) includes: 2x coarse, 2x medium, 2x fine

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1-4 $47.70
5+ $44.70
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Acrylic Polishers 6pk Dark Blue Coarse Grit Max Rpm 10000 G634 $47.70
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Acrylic Polishers 6pk Light Blue Medium Grit Max Rpm 10000 G635 $47.70
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Acrylic Polishers 6pk Grey Fine Grit Max Rpm 10000 G636 $47.70
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Asst Acrylic Polishers Asst 2ea6 Total Coarse Med Fine Max Rpm 10000 GLOSS-ASST $47.70
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