Clear Advantage Series II – Durable Retainer Material – .020″ (0.5 mm)



Thermal Forming Coping/Polypropylene
Clear Advantage Series II is our most durable material that will not shrink, crack or break. This material is slightly opaque in transparency and offers good clarity. Excellent formability, flexibility, long term wear characteristics, and is available in multiple thicknesses. The increased strength of this material is ideal for making retainers for bruxism patients. Not bondable with acrylic.

  • Extented Life Invisible Retainers
  • Clear Aligners
  • Splints
  • Bite Planes
  • Temporary Bridges with Pontics
  • Indirect Bonding Trays
  • Non-Latex: Not made from natural rubber latex
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes: 50 sheets per pack, size 5″ x 5″

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