Lotus Plus 10 Packs – Ortho Technology’s Version of Damon Standard Torque



  • Bracket design provides passive engagement to reduce friction and improve sliding mechanics
  • Low profile mini-twin design with rhomboid shape for easy placement
  • No Special Instruments Required. Opens easily with an explorer, closes with utility plier or tweezer
  • Mandibular arch clips open gingivally to minimize occlusal interference, maxillary arch open occlusally
  • Convertible bracket allows for the engagement of ligature ties during the finishing phase if desired

The Ortho Technology version of the Damon Rx is not implied to be an exact version of any other system, nor do we claim any endorsement of the respective doctors. Damon is a registered trademark of Ormco Corporation.

Please Note: Brackets are packaged in multiples of 10.


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