Spider Screws K1 And K2



Our Most Popular Spider Screw Provides Treatment Options for Many Cases
Our best selling miniscrew with an infrabony portion diameter of 1.5 mm. Our K1 Spider Screw is easy to place and can be used during every phase of orthodontic treatment.
Our Spider Screws are constructed from medical grade Type 5 titanium and feature:

  • Bracket like head with two intersecting .022″ slots
  • Under tie wing area which can function as another slot .022″x.025″
  • Two intersecting slots with an .027″ diameter with chamfered inlets for easy archwire placement

Transmucosal portion:

  • Variable neck lengths which allow for optimal adaptation to different mucosa thicknesses
  • Short neck for areas of thin attached gingiva, usually anterior regions
  • Long neck for areas of thick or freely moving tissue, usually posterior regions

Infrabony portion:

  • Asymmetrical thread profile allows for easy placement, maximum stability and avoiding bone stress
  • Conical thread which is self-drilling and self-tapping
  • Immediate loading of forces up to 300 grams
  • 1.5 mm diameter body
  • For Use With Spider Screw® K1 Starter Kit
    • Not licensed for sale in Canada.
Quantity discounts
2-5 $133.99
6+ $126.99

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