Self Mixing Band-Lok with Tips



Bonds to Metal – Band-Lok® –

will bond chemically to stainless steel bands and crowns. Removal is all in one piece with cement in the appliance.

Self Mixing –

These syringes mix and dispense the paste in one easy step! the A&B syringes are joined and used special mixing canula tips, which elimnate the operator mixing and provide a consistent, automatic mix every time!

No Messy Powder-Liquids –

Consistently mix viscosity every time.

Extended Working Time –

Four minute working time at room temperature without frozen slab.

Dual Curable – Band-Lok® –

is a dual cure cement. It can be used with or without dental curing light. After flash is cleaned a 20-second light activation allows full protection from moisture. Without light activation a complete set is achieved in 10 minutes.

Available in Natural or Blue Shade, and with or without fluoride.

Available Options: