Unidose Assure PLUS All Surface Bonding Resin 50 Pack



Now in convenient 0.20ml caplets for easy cleanup. One caplet can be used for two full arches (32 teeth).

Bonds to Any Enamel Type – Assure® :

Will bond to any enamel type, wet or dry, normal or atypical, including deciduous, bleached, and dentin. In addition, Assure will bond to composite and metal surfaces without any additional primer. As our newest version of Assure, Assure Plus will bond to zirconia and acrylic temps without any additional primers and to porcelain without hydrofluoric acid.


Assure® Universal Bonding Resin :

Can be used under any chemical, light or dual cure adhesive, regardless of manufacturer.


Can be used for ALL Surfaces:

* Wet or Dry Normal Enamel

* Wet or Dry Atypical Enamel

* Dentin / Cementum

* Composite

* Gold, Amalgam, Stainless Steel

* Zirconia

* Acrylic Temporary / Pontic Teeth

* Porcelain

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