The Right Wire for the Job

A Guide to Some of Our Most Popular Wire Selections

From varying malocclusions to patient sensitivity, the road to the perfect smile is different for everyone. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality wire types. Here’s an overview of our archwire materials and the advantages they offer.

TruFlex™ Nickel Titanium With excellent rebound and memory properties, these NiTi offer consistent force levels for comfort and accuracy. Available in a wide range of forms, from full form, Euro form, universal form, reverse curve of spee, and straight leg reverse curve of spee, all TruFlex™ NiTi wires retain their super elastic properties.

TruFlex™ Thermal Nickel Titanium Shipped in its martensitic state, these wires offer easy ligation while still providing elastic characteristics after reaching their transition temperature of 90 degrees F. The consistent, gentle forces these wires provide make it easier to move to larger wire sizes sooner without sacrificing patient comfort. Available in full, Euro, and universal forms.

TruFlex™ Copper Nickel Titanium The inclusion of copper gives these wires a lighter tactile feel and increased flexibility at room temperatures, making them ideal when crowding conditions may have otherwise made placement difficult. The alloy also makes wires more resistant to deformation, and they are avalible in two transition temperatures: 27 ºC or 35 ºC.

TRIFECTA® Thermal Nickel Titanium While other archwires generate a single force level, TRIFECTA wires are segmented by heat sensitivity, providing “the right force on the right teeth at the right time.” With gentle forces on the anterior region, moderate forces on the bicuspids, and heavy force on those difficult-to-move molars, a single TRIFECTA wire can do the job of three regular archwires.

BetaForce™ Beta Titanium Ideal for patients with nickel sensitivity, these beta titanium wires offer a middle ground between the bendability of steel archwires and the flexibility of nickel titanium. The excellent formability offered by these wires make them ideal for intermediate and finishing stages of treatment.

TruForce™ Stainless Steel Manufactured with medical-grade 304VSS stainless steel, these high-quality archwires are ideal for malocclusions requiring intricate bends. The high tensile ensures consistent strength performance.

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