Trade Junk for Gold!

Exchange Program

The Ortho Technology Exchange Program

Every practice has one: a junk drawer full of old brackets, tubes, and pliers that will never see the light of day. Rather than let this antiquated inventory continue to gather dust, why not start the new year off right by replacing them with new, innovative products? With our Ortho Technology Exchange Program, you can turn that rusty inventory into gold!

How It Works:
Call us with a quantity and type of product you would like to send in. There’s no limit to how much you can exchange! Place your order for your new products. Your sales representative will send you our Exchange Program form and a UPS shipping label to send your old product to us. Fill out the form, and return it to us via fax or email to receive a credit on your order!

Program Details
While there is no limit to the amount of product you can send in for a single exchange, your practice is limited to a total of two exchanges, so make them count! Also, keep in mind that products purchased under the Ortho Technology Exchange Program are not eligible for quantity discounts. Products exchanged cannot be from our product line. Buccal tubes, bands, and brackets have a minimum purchase of twice the amount being exchanged. Instruments require a purchase of three times the amount being exchanged. Your old appliances/products must be received at Ortho Technology within 30 days. Credit will not be issued until the exchanged product is received at Ortho Technology.

Start 2019 off right with new, innovative inventory your practice can actually use! Call 1-800-999-3161 to exchange your junk drawer today!

Savings Example


First Step

Purchase 500 brackets $1805.00


Step Two

Send us 250 brackets


Step Two

Get a $902.50 discount on your order!

To Learn More About the Ortho Technology Exchange Program:

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