TruEase Bite Corrector


Better Results with More Efficiency

Help your non-compliant patients make the transition to
an ideal Class I molar relationship quicker and with more
comfort than any other bite-corrector device available,
using the TruEase Bite Corrector Device.

Bite Corrector

Anchor Wire Kits, Standard Size / Small Size

Bite Corrector

Double Lock Kits, Standard Size / Small Size

Features and Benefits

QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION – only one appointment necessary for “out-of-the-box” installation

UNIVERSAL ORIENTATION – appliances are bi-directional, eliminating extra part numbers and placement mix-up

PERFECT FOR NON-COMPLIANT PATIENTS – get maximum results with minimal patient cooperation

VERSATILE – applicable for both extraction and non-extraction cases, with two styles to choose from: Double Lock and Anchor Wire

ELIMINATE HEADGEAR TUBES – attaches directly onto the archwire, without removal, and locks into place; no headgear tube or band required when using Double Lock Bite Corrector

Not licensed for sale in Canada.


Anchor Wire Bite Corrector

Enclosed Nickel Titanium Springs

Titanium Clamps & Screws

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